Our Mission:

(Should you choose to accept it...)

Is to supply you with high-quality, aromatic green beans from Uganda that you will absoutely fall in love with!

We are also equaly dedicated to ensuring that the Ugandan farmers and the communities who earn their livelihoods from those same beans recieve an equitable share of the profits for their work as well as sustainable opportunities for growth.

Get to know the farmers!

Every purchase you make from us helps the farmers we work with, and we are thrilled to share their stories with you! You will recieve regular updates and accounts about the various ways your coffee bean purchase helps the coffee farmers grow.

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Did you know?

Did you know Uganda is one of the Top 10 coffee producing countries in the world?

It boasts of 2.7 million tonnes of coffee produced annually, and has risen to the 16th global exporter of speciality Arabica coffee.

... with more flavor than you can imagine!

With perfect conditions on the equator for growing coffee, each region has something unique to offer! From the mountain sides, to flowing rivers, not to mention the year-round temperate weather, coffee could not choose a better range of places to grow. This results in a phenomenal range of production methods and mouth-watering coffee profiles!