Sourcing with Kahawa

Kahawa Trading acts as a sourcing partner for anyone looking to procure various coffees sourced in Uganda. From specialty Arabica in the east of the country, Mbale, to various Robusta coffees in the central region of Uganda, Kahawa facilitates smooth origin procurements.



  • On the Spot

    This option is for people that want their coffee now now now! First come first serve, shipped to you from our warehouse in the UK.

  • Reservation

    For the more patient individual, you can reserve your coffee before it leaves Uganda, giving you the peace of mine of assured stock, all yours!

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Full Transparency

Your purchase has power! Here at Dream Coffee, we wholly believe that the only way to pave the way forward for a more equitable industry is by being fully transparent with percentage breakdowns about where your money goes when you purhase your green beans from us.